Friday, September 14, 2012

So we got to talk

He was over for dinner and conversation. We had slowly been talking about everything we needed to discuss over the past week. It solidified last night.

We're both falling more into this connection, allowing ourselves to open up and be closer. It's not a falling in love situation on either end. Maybe "falling in like"?

It's also a perpetual fall. At least for now. With some small landing platforms to catch our breaths.

We're so similar in many ways. We could both walk away from this, right here right now. It would hurt, but we'd get over it. With just a small residue of "why did we give that up?"

It's not something either of us plan on doing though!

Strange how much we're alike. Even to the point of misreading each other in the same ways. We'll figure that part out as we go along though.

We also talked about my other relationships. One is strong, the other fading into friendship. He asked the right questions so I could figure myself out and what I wanted to do next.

I flirted with him a lot last night. I didn't mean to, honestly. It just comes out around him, especially when he tones the dominance down. He stopped himself from pushing limits.

I had a confession for him though: No matter how often or how much I flirt, I will never make the first move. I make my feelings known and let the other person decide where to go from there.

If it doesn't go anywhere, well that's fine too.

I wanted a kiss last night. Just one kiss. One long, breath taking kiss.

I'll just have to wait for that...

He also told me that he plans on unleashing his inner sadist on me at the next event. There are several in October we'll both be at. I can only imagine the plans he has.

*licks lips*

Can't wait!

Also, sorry my blog was down for a few days. Blogger thought my blog was a spam account and after a review, they obviously realize it's not. No clue what triggered that. *shrugs*  But I'm back with hopefully no more issues!

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