Sunday, March 3, 2013

The fun parts of Saturday

Now that I've gotten all the mess from the last post out of the way...

Saturday was actually a whole lot of fun. We made fun food, fajitas. Watched more "Chuck" and I find myself loving that show more with every episode. Though He may have mentioned playing Rock Band next time. When I said that I'm not adept at doing different things with each hand, He had the horrendous delightful idea of having me sing...

I'd almost rather learn how to play whatever gaming system He has. Some background, I haven't played a video game since Sega Genesis was popular. I can play some mini games for Final Fantasy really well. I believe that was on the PS2. The kind where you have to press one or two buttons as fast as you can. I can do that, lol.

It's like trying to hit a baseball with a bat. I never quite figured out how to do that. Feet work, as with soccer, no problem. Get my hands involved? I become more than useless. It's a little sad, heh. So we'll see how the video game stuff goes. I'll give it a try, to make Him happy.

I also got to do the happy-we-had-sex-dance. Yes, there is a dance like such: booty dance or this version. Though I now imagine Sir is going to want to see this dance...

We didn't scene, just a fun romp in the sack. I've noticed He's likes me on top so He can squeeze my throat. He found a new spot that uses both of His thumbs, I think. I was a tad preoccupied at the time. All I know it was hot as hell. Pretty sure He had put my hands behind my back. His hands around my neck as I'm slightly leaning over Him, of course riding His cock, mmmm! Then He squeezed my throat and said, "Now" which is my cue to have an orgasm.

I liked that, a lot. I'm shivering remembering it. I also enjoy being on top. (and Sir likely knows exactly where I'm going with this...) Mainly because I can control the muscles in my pussy better. I can get very tight. I do love watching Him get wide eyed. He was enjoying it as much as I was. Plus, when Sir thrusts up His cock hits a really fantastic spot.

So yeah, our sex life is very good, lol. Especially when all it takes is some kissing before we're both ready to pounce each other.

Everything is pretty damn good, even if I was a bit panicked. It's one of the parts of our relationship I love. That we deal with the issues, and not just the emotional by-products. It was maddening in past relationships to be given a metaphorical pat on the head and shooed off to deal with things on my own. Sir never does that.

I've noticed that I process concerns better because of that actually. The consistency of His unwavering support helps keeps the worst of the fears at bay. He's a good man and I'm very lucky to have Him. :-)


  1. Sounds like you talked thro so.e issues and had a wonderful weekend. Good for you everything is going to be great.

  2. Love the "NOW". It's a trigger word for me as well.

    I'm glad you had a good weekend!