Tuesday, March 19, 2013

This seems like a terrible idea...Let's do it anyway!

When I get home, I plan on spending time with Sir. I can't begin to explain how much I miss Him. While being in vanilla land is fun, and the kink world back home is sending me into a spiral of rage, I want that special place of balance that Sir and I create.

I told Him last night that I want to spend a few days together. Hibernate and be a hermit. No cell, no computer, no outside contact with the world. Because I need some time away from it all.

Also, we need to reconnect. Though last night's ranting and venting for 40 minutes helped. I think Sir thought my aggressive side was cute. Maybe hot as well since He wants to get "recreational" with that side of me. Strange man. But I told Him I'm game and will have fun with this. Only, He should keep in mind I'm liable to hit Him at some point or another.

Tentatively, I'll be seeing Him Sunday. We'll see if that happens and if this unbridled rage is still around for Him to poke and prod.

If this sounds like a terrible idea, you're likely right. But He's quite taller and stronger than I am, which has been proven several times over. So He'll be fine.

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