Monday, March 25, 2013

Shared Weekend

I'm almost hesitant to write about this, as it seems that when I talk about our plans they never come to fruition. I know it's not really the case and that this time is pretty much set. Sir is spending Friday evening until Sunday morning with me, April 5th to the 7th. Plans worked out that His usual obligations for Saturdays aren't occurring.

I told Sir that I'd have something special for dinner waiting for Him once He arrives after work. It was basically hinted that I surprise Him, when I asked if there was anything in particular He wanted. That's fine as I can be more flexible in what I can make. Hmmm, a "Taste of Home" magazine arrived in the mail the other day. Maybe I can find something new and interesting in there. Or it'll at least give me a good starting point.

I'm in for a long weekend. Sir warned me that I will be thoroughly worn out. And that He wants to take me in every possible room. Since He told me that, I've been staring at my home in a new light. I think more rope is in order. I look at my dining room table and all I see are possibilities. Not to mention I gave Him ideas for the headboard on my bed.

Just full of helpful ideas, He said. Oh Sir, I know. It's one of my better attributes, in my opinion.

Oh and the scenes...sensory deprivation. Objectification. Aided by toys and other fun implements. Those are only the parts I know about too...It's going to be a very interesting weekend. Sir offhandedly mentioned that sleeping may not be on the schedule for Friday. That doesn't bother me as nearly as much as it should, haha.

I am super excited to just have that time together. We haven't seen one another in over three weeks now. And haven't had a scene since earlier February, if I'm remembering right. That's FAR too long and I know He misses me as much as I do Him.

I'm sure some uninterrupted time together will do us both lots of good. :)


  1. Oh that does sound like it will be a wonderful weekend. Hopefully the time between now and the will pass quickly.

    1. dancingbarez,

      It should given I have quite a bit going on until then. But I am waiting anxiously for the time to come because I do miss Him dearly!!