Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finding my way back

I'm home from the land of the vanillas. It's always interesting when the six of us get together. Especially since they're all not quite as vanilla as they claim. Yes, I corrupt everyone!! Haha! It's not my fault I had a flogger with me...and they wanted a demonstration...

Anyway, I have no idea what's going on with seeing Sir this weekend. Or any time in the near future. It sounds like I'll be leaving again next week. The whole isolation I desperately need? I might be getting that with the best friend and her baby boy. Especially since I still haven't seen her wedding dress, and it's been at least a month since I last saw her.

I'm decently well. Vanilla-land did its job in making me appreciate the openness that I find in the kink community at home. Because there's a fine line between corrupting and scarring vanilla friends. And heaven knows I can't scar my kink friends.

And I think the inner submissive might be returning. There's this burning desire to be bound, even if it's just my wrists. Or being on my knees before Sir. Running His hand through my hair. No Sadism, no masochism. Just domination, submission. Give and take of power.

The openness and trust that comes from D/s. That's what I want, what I'm craving. To give Sir the power He desires. Be His sweet, compliant kitten.


  1. It is kinda fun to watch their eyes go all wide and their skin blanch, lol.

    MMM, yes, the headspace is what I crave. That delicious surrendered feeling. Hope you get it soon, JLA.


    1. June,

      I did get the head space that I wanted, thankfully. The sub has slowly been returning for which I'm very grateful.

      I hope you can find it for yourself soon as well!!


    2. O_o just noticed I messed up your name! So sorry :"> Must have been having a moment, lol

    3. No worries. I read past typos, typically. So much so that I often can't correct my own writings as I see on the page what I know I meant to say.