Thursday, March 28, 2013

Long Term Desires

Graduating from Sir to Master, am I?

Has a nice ring to it ;)

Teasing me, almost taunting in nature. 

Some back story about the title "Sir" for us. Before we got together, I accidentally called Him "Sir" once. Mainly because I was having several conversations at the time and my mind switched to calling the Dominant man I'm speaking with by a proper title.

It may also speak to somewhat hidden desires at the time. I did so pine for His affections.

But even later, I placed the title of "Sir" upon Him. It was my choice, free will. Something Sir very much believes in. I have to "green light" most of what we do, precisely, so He knows a boundary isn't being crossed. It was my decision to give Him that honorific, and the rest that it entailed.

That's why He was teasing me. Because if I wish for Him to be my Master one day, it'll be something I freely give. Never something He'll demand of me.

The term "Master" carries a hefty amount of weight, for how it would be applicable to our lives. I do not mean using it in scene or bedroom only. I mean the full capacity of the Master/slave relationship.

We are not even close to being prepared to take that step. If it happens, it'll be several years from now. We are but at the beginnings of the evolution that is "Us". To rush would likely destroy what progress we've made.

I made it clear, and He agreed, that is a ideal...that is currently beyond our reach. That's absolutely fine. My chains are far too loose to be suddenly pulled that tight.

Sir called the M/s relationship an admirable goal. Not quite a goal, at least not one I can set. It's a desire, nothing more at this point. I gave Him the "green light" not only for next weekend, but in general, to lead us on the paths He wishes us to take. I will follow, with a warm and open heart.

Again, longer term desires and plans. The power is there for Him to grasp at His own pace. I simply offered it up for Him to be able to do such.

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