Thursday, April 11, 2013

Keeping Myself Out of Trouble

I found a new book series. I'm enamored with it already. I mentioned it in a comment on yesterday's post. It's called "Capture" part of the Captive Series Book 1 by Erica Stevens. There's a passage I just read that I want to share:
He was what she had been missing; he was what she had been searching for. He was what had made her so reckless all the time, because without him she'd been so lost and empty that she hadn't stopped to think about the consequences of her actions. She knew there would be consequences for these actions, but she didn't care. In fact, even though he was something that she had always hated and fought against, she thought this might the first right thing she had ever done.
I could have written that about Sir.

Well except the "hate and fought against", the context is the girl is part of a rebel group bent on bringing down the oppressive tyrants that control the human population. Yes there are vampires. No, it's not like Twilight. Fuck that horribly written piece of crap that inspired the 50 Shades nonsense.

Anyway, Sir is what I have been searching for all my life. Long before I could piece together what I was looking for in another person, He's the man that I've always needed. I was wild and carefree. I was not thinking about the consequences of certain relationships and choices I made in my life. And because of those, I've made it difficult for Sir and I.

But the man has patience and self-control. In my heart I know He wants me as much as I want Him. After all, He's the one who wants to molest me the moment He sees me. Every time. He has the foresight to realize that we're going to want more and trying for it now will only build resentment. If that wasn't obvious by my frustration in yesterday's post, I always hurt and ache when I want to go beyond those set boundaries. It's for my own good and maybe I'll figure that out before I drive myself insane.

Figures, I read a book to distract me from everything going on with Sir and the characters end up reminding me of us. I've already purchased the second and third book. The fourth has yet to come out so I'll be tapping my fingers impatiently until then. Thankfully I fall in love with series, not stand alone books, so I always have something to catch up.

Besides my latest series of interest, I'm keeping myself busy with projects around my house. Painting, gardening. I found this lovely stair runner wool carpeting the other day at an antique store. It's absolutely stunning.

There's a gold color that works perfectly with the color designs that I want for the living area. Most of the downstairs will be painted that rich gold color. The entry hall with have themes of red with the gold, the living area a robin's egg blue with the gold. Haven't decided on the dining room yet. Hmmm, might tie in the entry way with the dining room. Have the walls share a color.

Heh, these projects keep my mind occupied which is very good for my sanity. Keeps me from straying to other thoughts. Patience is a virtue that I don't have when it comes to love. So I'll keep myself distracted to keep me out of trouble.


  1. Oooooo, I like your ideas of keeping busy. And I'm going to look into that series. I read a lot :)
    The tone of this post sounds like you're doing better today. :) glad to "hear" it.

  2. Since I just finished the latest book in the series I love and have to wait another year, the Captive series sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.

  3. I'm already on book 3. I read quickly and easily become engrossed with good stories, lol. I adore the main characters, Aria and Braith.

    Though, it feels like there's a tragic ending waiting for the end of book 4. I'm hoping this pit in my stomach is wrong because typically romance novels have happy endings. So I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!