Sunday, April 28, 2013

With Sir and the Monster

"According to you" by Orianthi

I was listening to Pandora when that song came on. It's a little to bubblegum pop for my tastes, which is a little weird that it was under my station for P!nk and Evanescence. I've heard the song before but Pandora showed me the lyrics and so I scrolled through them.

Wow, it felt like a flash back to an ex of mine. To several of them to be honest. One outright told me that no one but him would ever put up with me. Another thought I could never make up my mind on what I wanted because he was constantly inconsistent which left me floundering.

None of that has any relation to the rest of the post. It was an "oooh shiny" moment.

Breakfast/brunch was nice. The monster man kept flirting with all the waitresses, lol. He loved the little menu that restaurants give kids. Didn't color it, can't be bothered with crayons. Nope, it was his new toy to clutch onto. Oooo, a new texture. Haha. Sir couldn't believe how much the monster eats. I'm actually sure he'd eat more, if he'd just say the damn word. (we just had a tiff because monster got plenty of food but wanted more yogurt. So I told him all you have to do is say "more". I figured he'd go for it since just this afternoon I got him to ask for the hallway light to be turned on. He couldn't get enough of the word "light." Small steps.)

We did go to a park. Not the one I had planned as it was a bit farther and Sir had other things to do. Plus to a 2 year old, any park will do. I know what Sir means know about being uneasy around kids. I don't believe he's had much experience. I don't think he quite knows how to connect with a child who doesn't communicate well. We'll get there with him. The monster and I will win him over. :)

I'm still really sick though. Congestion and constant exhaustion are kicking my ass. Hmm, maybe I can convince Sir for a little TLC time later this week, after the monster is in bed. Even some Skype time would be appreciated at this point. Cuddles and comfort.

Though at breakfast I was wearing this cute 50's style dress with a long green necklace. The monster man had grabbed a hold of it and I joked "It's not a leash, monster" and Sir was like "Need to get off that train of thought." Tee hee! I would not mind some of that fun either but I think cuddles and sweetness are more in order until I'm feeling better.

It was great to see Sir. I missed Him so much. I will never, ever get enough of Him. Even now, I miss Him. I want to snuggle and talk late into the night. Enjoy each other's company. Have "Us" time. I'm so in need of that. I hate sharing Him, even with the monster.

Heavens above, I sound like some love-struck teenager. I can't help it. It feels like falling in love for the first time, except better somehow. :)


  1. With the leash thing: are you training the monster early? Lol

    1. LOL, no but he is a sadomasochist. Pretty sure there is a bit of a Dom in there. He's had this "stare" since he was about 8 months old. Hee hee! I really do feel bad for his mom by the time he's a teenager. I have feeling he's going to be a total ladies man and a natural dominant. God help us all! LOL