Monday, April 15, 2013

Setback and Play This Weekend

I hurt my back, somehow. I honestly I have no idea what I did. But it's been a lot of sharp pain. Took a hot bath which seemed to have helped. Normally when I hurt myself (I swear it doesn't happen as nearly as often nowadays), I rest and relax until I feel alright again. It's not a big deal. These things happen with age, lol.

But on Saturday, there's a big community play party. One of the groups rented out a space. There will be 65-70 people, most of whom I do know. I had plans to play with this cute young thing. She's very sweet and unfortunately will be moving in a few weeks.

Not to mention that this would be a fantastic chance for Sir and I to play. I think He enjoys showing me off. There's no way I'll be able to manage any kind of play if I'm not doing better by then. I could still watch but really that's not nearly as much fun!! I'd like to see Sir be able to play, regardless of how I'm doing. I'll admit to being curious about watching Him in action.

Plus, given how often I get the chance to play with others, it's only fair that He takes advantage of the opportunity to play freely. As long as He's happy and enjoying Himself, I'm happy. :)

So we're crossing our fingers and hoping for the best!!

Sir is away this week for job related reasons. I was going to be on the receiving end of something fun, interesting, and kinky. I found this out right after I told Him that my back was bothering me something awful. My body is looking to ruin all of my fun this week! I can't kneel or bend or extend my arms or lift anything remotely heavy or twist my body. You don't realize how much you depend on your back for everything until it starts to hurt.

Other than this minor setback, we're good. I convinced Sir to come over some time to help me paint. See, my distractions give us a reason to spend time together! I've been busy picking out colors. And no, I won't be painting with my back as it is. I know better. It'll be in May when I decide to do a painting day. It'll be a nice vanilla project to do together. :)


  1. Sorry you hurt you back, hopefully you'll be feeling better by this weekend. Until then ice, rest and anti-inflammatories.

  2. Of course, Mrs D. I wish I could say this is the first I've hurt my back in the past but I'm sadly used to it at this point. I never know what the recovery time will look like. I'm hoping I did something minor and I'll be good in a few days.

  3. Hope your back is better, JAS. I hurt my back, not too bad once, and those Doan's Back Pills really did work wonders. Hope you get to play :)


    1. Ah yes, Doan's Back Pills. I've never had much luck with them unfortunately. Most pain killers don't work effectively in my system. Vicodin doesn't do much these days for me and morphine never worked. I took some Ibuprofen to relieve swelling but that's about all those are good for.

      Someone "up there" decided that not only would I have health problems, but that modern medicine wouldn't do much to help matters. And people wonder why I found myself drawn to the "Old Ways".

      I did recall I was planting tomato plants in pots over the weekend. I think I pulled something working the dry, compact soil from last year while mixing in the new Miracle Grow soil into it. That's likely the culprit. I'll just have to be careful when I go to plant the pepper plants.

      Times like this I wish I had a male service sub, lol. But that would end badly given that I lack a Dominant bone in my body. *winks*

      I am taking it easy though and hopefully I will be okay by Saturday. :)