Saturday, April 27, 2013

Monster Man: Day One

I had all these grand plans for today. None of them worked out. I was going to make chili, and make it right this time. Because I somehow butchered it when Sir was over at my place. Monster man and I were going to play in the backyard. Sunshine, fresh air, play with the pups.

I laid him down and I crashed as well. He only napped for an hour which was not enough time for me. I needed several hours. I was up at 7 with everyone else. Not to mention that I'm still sick. Ugh. I ended up ordering chinese take out. I'll admit to being lazy and wanting to chill out for the rest of the night.

Tomorrow I can be productive! I'll have motivation to spend time with Sir. Have lots of fun! It's going to be great. And I'll be in bed early tonight, like 10:30-11. If I don't fall asleep before that honestly because I'm exhausted right now. I'll be completely rested, ready to go.

Best friend and hubby got lost on the way to JFK Airport. That's where their flight to Ireland was out of. I know, fucking Ireland. I'm so jealous! Detours and getting lost in Manhattan caused them to be late for their flight but it all got worked out. It's better this way actually because they'll be landing in Ireland 9:30 am there and the hotel check in isn't until 2 pm. If they had landed at the original time of 5:30 am, it would have been way more exhausting. I knew they didn't leave enough time factoring in traffic, detours, getting lost, etc. but I wasn't about to say anything.

It's time to put down the monster man. I wanted to touch base and let y'all know how things are going. He's wearing me out that's for sure!! I expected it though, lol. I'm hoping tomorrow will be better. Hopefully monster man likes Sir. He can be strange around men since he's only around Da, and no other men regularly. I'm sure it'll be fine, at most monster will be a little quieter than normal. I'm not worried, though that may be since I'm so super excited to see Sir!! Yay!

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  1. I wish we could bottle children's energy. They seem to suck it out of me. But they're so fun!
    Enjoy your time with Sir...