Friday, April 26, 2013

The Monster Man

I'm hovering somewhere between 50 and 70% okay today. Better than the last two days at least. And the best friend as well as her hubby are here until the morning. He's making steaks and baked taters, likely on the grill. :)

I love the monster man. You're going to hear me gush about how awesome this kid is for the next week. If I say, "Aunt [JAS] wants hugs!" he'll run up to me, turn around, and plop into my lap. Some times he'll even stay long enough for snuggles which is when he leans back against me and stays for a good minute or two.

Then we play this game where I'll run away saying "Oh no, the monster's gonna get me!!! Ahhh!!!" and he'll chase after me. It's adorable. He also loves putting people in time out which is sitting on the stairs to the second floor. But this is completely for his advantage because then that person can't see whatever he's up to. Smart boy, except mommy and aunt JAS are smarter, lol!

I already warned Sir that I'm not going to be my usual self on Sunday. I definitely get into a "mommy" mode around monster man. I'm far more silly and ridiculous. I'd like to think I'm more carefree too. Yes, paranoid about every little thing. But also, there's no masks to wear around the monster. I can be myself because he takes me as I am. He's 2, not about to judge his aunt JAS. Being around him brings out sides of me that have been hidden over the years. Fun, happy, spontaneous sides. The kind where the world seemed more wondrous, something to be explored.

Even though I'm still not feeling my best, I can't help but smile as I watch the monster on all fours inching backwards like a strange dog. It's a sight to see, hee hee! Every texture is interesting. Like he's rubbing his face against the kitchen cabinets. Adorable!!! But I'm being dragged away to go play! So you all have a great weekend! :)


  1. Glad to see the kid in you coming out. Have a great weekend and enjoy dinner.

    1. Omg, dinner was orgasmic!!! Rib eyes that melted in our mouths. Super juicy and tender. I just about died in food bliss! ^_^

      It's super early for me on a Saturday but I'll have to get used to that this week. Pretty sure I'll be in bed by ten tonight, lol.

  2. O my goodness, what a fun age! I think it'll be great for your Sir to see this side of you. Enjoy and have so much fun.

    1. It really is. Even for the "terrible twos" the monster is really well behaved. If he has a spat over something, it's a quick fix to get him back to his happy self.

      I agree; I think Sir is going to love this side. :)