Thursday, May 16, 2013

Date Night

Sir and I are going on a date tonight. Yay! :)

We're going to dinner and a movie. There's an amazing noodle house in town, which is where we'll be getting dinner. It's so good!! Then it's a short drive to the theater to see Iron Man 3, in 3D of course.

I'm very excited! He is too, which is awesome. I'll be so happy to see Him. Hopefully work doesn't completely wear Him out today. They're good for that, ugh.

So, in preparing for this, we were texting about the details. We're both far too agreeable. I didn't care what He wanted to see. If it was Star Trek, I could live with that. It's still spending time with Him. And He was all "But I want you to enjoy the movie too."

"I don't know if I would or wouldn't like Star Trek. And I can easily watch the first movie so I'm caught up."

That's when He said we're both too agreeable. I have a reason for it...I'm submissive to Him. I'm not about to make a big deal over a movie. He's the Dom, make a decision, LOL! That's twice I've pulled that card on Him recently.

I have to say I'm impressed though. He put His foot down and said that we were going to see Iron Man 3. Furthermore, I told Sir about the noodle house and He liked the idea. When I mentioned some other restaurants in town, He stopped me instantly. No, we're going to the noodle house. I didn't argue from that point forward though. I do know the line and when not to cross it. :)

It'll be so great to see Him later. I expect lots of hugs. Being held close, safe and protected.


  1. I excited for you. Have so much fun! Enjoy the hugging and cuddling :)

  2. Absolutely jealous :) Have a good time!