Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some Days Need To End And Be Forgotten

I won't even go into the nightmare that today was. I don't want to relive it, ever. Just know that I have my furniture and those people will never see another cent from me. Which is sad for them because I adore antiques.

Thank god, the saints, the angels, any and all pantheons, heck any divine being that may exist that I got to see my Sir today!!! I surely would have cracked with blinding rage and stress otherwise.

He helped me decompress. Granted, I'm still feeling the effects the anger left behind. I think I stop breathing properly which my body doesn't agree with at all. Here's to hoping a good night's sleep will do me good!

So, as great as it was to see Him, I received some displeasing news. Not only is His work taking Him from me this first week of June, it's now been decided that He has to go away on the 12-14th. His birthday is the 12th. It's great for His job as it means more training. That's awesome and I'm very happy! But why, heavens above WHY did they need to take Him from me on His birthday? Mind you, the first I would have celebrated with Him.

And to top it off, I found out that He's going to Indiana in October. Silly me didn't ask when. Want to guess when my birthday is? Yeah, I will not be thrilled if He'll be gone then. Not angry or upset, just not exactly happy either. And I reserve the right to change my mind about that too, lol! He's going job hunting while He's out there. Yay...maybe?? I'm of two minds when it comes to Him and jobs.

Thankfully today is almost over. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it'll end up better than this one. Yeah, I've got nothing else. I got my ass kicked on several levels and that's all the optimism I have at the moment.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Weekend! :)


  1. I hear you there!!! It has been a hellish week for me too! I am sooo glad it's the weekend .. and I have nothing on the go!!!!!! :D

    But look at you JAS ... you had a shit day, & not so great news & have handled it with a smile!!! (and no depression in sight??!!!). You GO GIRL!

    1. Lol, I wouldn't say I handled things with a smile. More a mixture of seething rage, tears, frustration, and resolved determination.

      I'm trying my best. There were a lot of tears, for several reasons. My own doubts creeping up on me. *sigh*

      I set a goal to finish a novel I've been sorting out for a few years. By the end of June is the deadline. Here's to hoping I can keep to it. :)

    2. Well okay but you didn't let it beat you down anyway .. so that's something!! ;)

      Self doubt sucks .. no two ways about it. I suffer greatly from self doubt myself. It is immensely helpful to have somebody there helping you thru them though .. doesn't it!! :D

      Ooo you are writing a novel??? I would soooo read it .. just sayin'

    3. :D Thanks!!

      I'm going to work on publishing it, after a couple people go through with red pens. Even though the writing deadline is June, getting it in good shape to send out to publishing company probably won't happen until the end of July.

      I also have a target number of pages, so as to not let it get out of hand. I want to keep it paced quickly enough to keep the reader engaged while also not rushing through details.

      Now you know what I went to school for. ;)

      It'll be a good distraction, at least.

  2. Ohhhh, JAS, I'm sorry you had such a bad day. Glad you got your furniture, though. I know you want to celebrate His bday on his bday, but the night before will have to do. :)
    No self doubts. No depression. You got this!
    Hope tomorrow is better. Hugs

    1. I know. I have four days between the two business trips. He will have to find time to spend with me. Or else He'll be getting the spanking!! ;)

      What's unfortunate is that I will likely be going out of town right after He gets back. So I can only complain so much. But I'll talk more about that in my next post.

      Thanks as always for the encouragement. :)