Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sir and I have been really good lately. Like G-O-O-D!!! Even with the hiccup while I was babysitting, it ended up being a good thing as it brought our focus back to each other. We're both doing our best to not let it get to that point again.

I get to see Sir on Thursday as I need help moving some furniture. I'm getting a dining set and an armoire delivered from a local antique store. I'm going to modify the armoire to have shelves instead of a hanging closet on the one side. I've been waiting to find one that wasn't outrageous for a little over a year. See, I do have some patience! It was a steal too, at $76.50 after a 10% discount.

I asked Sir if He'd have time this week to help. As a thank you I'm making something delicious on the grill. Truly, I appreciate that He's willing to come help me move furniture up stairs and around halls. Granted, this is likely not the last time I'll ask for this favor. I can make up for it in sexy ways at least. My king sized bed is calling for us to have fun on it. :-D

Speaking of sex, apparently there are people in the local kink community who believe that I'm a slut. That I'm sleeping with lots of people. Granted, it's not terribly unusual for people to do such so I don't think I'm being judged for it. Sir and I think it's hilarious. Probably because we know the truth. The only person I'm having sex with is Him. I have a staggering low count of sexual partners.

If it's not been clear, we are lucky if we get the chance to have sex once a month. It's nothing against either of us. Just a statement of fact. It's not that the interest isn't there but when we get so little time together, we often focus on each other. If we have sex, awesome. If not, we still have a wonderful time together. Conversation can be just as satisfying as any orgasm. It's not the norm and we do understand that.

Otherwise, my head space is doing better. That we're doing better is also helping. I wanted to snuggle up in bed with Him last night. Instead I pulled up a blanket that I didn't let go of all night. I had a dream of Him and woke up clutching the blanket as if it were His arm. I miss Him dearly. I will be very happy to see my Sir on Thursday. :)


  1. Your post have a lighter feel to them as well. So glad things are good. I'm excited about your new stuff. I love when I find something I've been looking for and it's an added bonus to get it at a great price.
    Hoping Thursday comes fast for you :)

  2. I am happy to read you sounding lighter, like Sarah said. :)
    And that was a steal of a deal, awesome! Have fun with that project!

    1. Oh I will! It's a gorgeous piece with a lot of character. And it'll be great to have a good sized, proper dining set now. I bought that for a steal too!! ;)

  3. Apparently those lip-flappers don't know you very well. Meh - long as you can laugh and not let them get under your skin - as Daddy says - let them be no more than the wind outside your door. I'm so glad to see you feeling more upbeat.

    And you're right, a conversation, connecting, can be more satisfying than any orgasm.


    1. No, they really don't. But then I don't make it a habit for people to know what I am and am not doing, lol. ;)

      I love a good conversation. Though cuddling together while talking is even better. :)