Monday, November 19, 2012

Church and other delights

I am happy. Incredibly so.

Okay, we can admit that I was silly to be paranoid about His church. It was awesome! The pastor was fantastic. One of the best services I've been to in years.

Am I converted? Not by any means. Will I go back some time? Maybe in a few months. Maybe.

Someone or something is calling me back to Christianity. Just wondering why. If you knew me better and had seen the last 14 years of my journey in faith, especially the last 9, you'd understand why I'm questioning.

I'll figure it out in time.


He and I went to lunch after church. He asked if anyone else had commented on my previous post, as He checked my blog from my phone. I enjoyed seeing His reaction as He read my words. Especially the comments directed at Him.

Oh the looks that man gives me.

*happy sighing*

There's so much I want to say but I'm not allowed to talk about least not yet. I'm sorry! Not my call but His. I respect that and Him.

I did learn He likes all the texts. We text daily throughout the day when we can. Normally I'll send him a "good morning" and see how His day is going. He likes that I text Him often and that I'm into our conversations. I'm just happy He likes the texts because I worry about such things.

What's nice is we'll see each other tonight as well. Though I will have to behave (yes, you can laugh now), I do enjoy His company. He's sweet and lots of fun. Even more with the friends we'll be with for the evening. It's an interesting group.

So yes, I'll be sure to update you when I can about the "unmentionables."  Don't hold your breath. It'll be awhile, at best.

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  1. Yes, the inexplainable call back to Christianity. I thought I would be able to explain it too, but I can't. Some things go even deeper than everything else.

    I have finally made peace with it - I found a church that I can stop in when I want and no one seems to mind that we come and go. The Pastor is smart and always seems to know what to say. It is perfect for answering that call.

    I am glad it didn't suck.