Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wonderfully Terrible Ideas

On Thanksgiving evening, after many well wishes and thanks, I received a text from R.

"Now all we need is a kitten for dessert."

I had been texting with Him at the time and relayed such message. We both laughed, neither of us surprised.

It did however spark a very interesting conversation between us. As I told Him:

"Though if I had to choose, I'd much rather be your dessert, tee hee hee."

Some banter back and forth but then this where it became really interesting...

"I'm just wondering what the main course would be."

And the man tells me I'm the terrible one, HA!

After much discussion we came to the conclusion that it would be great fun playing with another sub girl.

One just came to mind, I'll have to mention her to Him...actually she would be really fun. I've played with her before with R at a couple of private parties. She's a total sweetheart. If I recall, she and Him have met a few times now.

Pretty sure she was at the last party we were all at together which would have been around Halloween. Really, my world is very small. Everyone eventually knows everyone else. Frankly that may be part of the problem He and I have in getting together...that's a topic for an entirely different post.

Now by no means are we in any rush nor is this something approaching a serious relationship. This is a "if we could find the right friend, this would be a fun evening for all."

I was lurking FL late that night and found a sweet woman I sent over to where my group of friends meet. She's looking for friends and events. I believe she'll fit in quite well.

I'll also admit I had an instant crush as soon as I saw her pic. Hot, cute, adorable. I want to do terrible things with her, lol.

Why do I mention her? Because she could have potential. This is why He thinks I'm sometimes very terrible. Guilty as charged!!! But I'm not the one who said this:

"Looking for victims already outside our circle?"

That speaks to how terrible we both are!! *giggles evilly*

Friendship: first and foremost. We also play SSC (safe, sane, consensual). Both of us have too much prior bad experience to take any of those lightly. So don't think either of us will corrupt the poor woman. The offer may be given, if she actually is as interesting as we both think she is.

I think getting out and meeting new people will do her good. I think it's a wonderful thing for everyone in the bdsm community to go out to meet other kinksters in a safe environment.

So yes, He's just as bad as I am...and we have fun ideas floating around for the hopefully near future...

Maybe He'll let me share some of that here!! :-P

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