Thursday, November 29, 2012

Afternoon Orgasms and Other Fun

I became His play toy for the morning/afternoon. I woke throughout the night horny and soaking wet. Set the tone for the rest of the day.

I mentioned that I was horny around 10:30 am...we bantered back and forth for over an hour. He wasn't ready to let me orgasm yet, so He gave me permission to edge up to 3 times. The catch was I couldn't use my hands.

It took me a bit to figure out a good configuration with a toy propped up. One of my favorites, a glass dildo. I think it may be one of His favorites too, lol. I got into a really good rhythm. I had a towel beneath me, to hold the dildo still and to make it the right height. On my hands and knees, impaling myself per His commands.

By 12:18, I was begging for release. He asked me how it was, not using hands. Let me tell you, it was hot as hell! We talked and He teased me the whole time.

Heh, He asked if I would show Him what He was missing...that I did!! Propped up my phone and just went to town. Normally, I'd be all embarrassed. Surprisingly, the thought never entered my mind.

While He was waiting for the video, He had me hold the last edge. That was around 12:40. I had orders to "ruin" the orgasm if I went over the edge.

He enjoyed the video, very much. Wished He had been there to enjoy it in person. I have a feeling I'll be recreating that some time.

He asked me questions. I need to give you the transcript for this...

"The first being, why should I let you cum?"

"Bc you enjoy having me cum. I've been an obedient and slutty sex kitten for you."

"That you have been. But I get the feeling you want used more, and in more open settings."

"I do enjoy being used Sir :)"

"Publicly, openly, having it be made known you're a wanton slut who will do anything to please me?"

"Oh yes Sir. I would like that, especially at your command."

"I may have to put this to the test sometime."

He then me permission to cum until I had worn myself out, lol. It was 1:03 at this point. I managed to hold that edge for over 20 minutes. Have no clue how, except I didn't want to disappoint Him.

The orgasms were fantastic!!! Explosive! I came the moment He told me to, and I had four glorious orgasms. So damn good!

I'm still glowing. I pleased Him today. He's very happy with my obedience. Enjoyed having control over me.

It's been a damn good day already. The conversation last night is something I still need to talk about here. To update y'all and really to work out some of it myself. So look for that soon!

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