Sunday, November 25, 2012

Drunken Messages

I sent Him drunken texts last night. Upon waking up this morning, I was so embarrassed.

Thankfully He thought I was cute. :)

He also told me I'm incorrigible.


Because I told Him I wanted drunk snuggles. That for me means a night of snuggling, sober sex in the morning, and then more snuggles.

At least I didn't start singing. Typically I need hard liquor for that, but it's been so long since I was last drunk, I wouldn't have been surprised. And of course the more drunk I become, the louder and worse the singing gets.

There's a fine line in there. Where I'm comfortable enough to sing and yet still sound decent.

Hmm, He owes me a funny story. I'm rereading our conversation from last night, just for your reference.

Mmmm, I get lots of smiles from Him next time too. He told me I could have them. Because He's gorgeous when He smiles. He's good looking all the time. But when He smiles?? He's heart stopping.

Good lord, am I still drunk?? LOL

This is frankly just exhaustion talking though. That also lowers the walls and makes me want to tell y'all all about that man. Why I love every part of Him. Why He fits so well into all the parts of my life.

I'll be nice though. More for His sake than all of yours. He's a private man. Not even a fan of public affection. Kind of surprised He puts up with this blog actually. Probably because He doesn't feel like He can legitimately tell me to not blog about Him.

Would it be unwise to tell Him I would stop talking about Him, if He wanted me to?? Because I would if this made Him unhappy...yeah, I'm not in love or anything, lol. I know He would never stop my creativity like that...but I worry about things like that.

In summary? According to Him, I am cute/funny when drunk. Something to test out in person at some point.


  1. It's more because I value the outside perspective. As has been seen several times already, while I am very self-aware and introspective, I miss a lot about myself. Reading what you have to say provides a valuable (if biased and a tab obsessive) external view that really isn't censored a lot.

    I don't think I often tell you this, but this seems like a good place to put it: I truly value what you have to say about me and that it means enough to be put out in public like this for all to see. You honor me in a way I sometimes feel I don't deserve.

  2. Lovely posts from both of you xx