Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Him and Them

I need to explain a few things about this blog. It began as my escape, a place to sort out my head. While that is still the case, it's also...heh, He may dislike this...but it's my letters to Him.

So much of the time what I say is two-fold: informative to the masses and a message to Him.

The post on the 2nd? That was all for Him. An expression that it's Him I'm madly in love with. Him that I crave and need within the depths of my soul.

In doing so, I downplayed my connection to Them. I'll call them K (the man) and R (the woman). I'm sure He was well aware of my doing such. Plus things were more uncertain with Him, at least in my mind. Whereas with Them, everything was/is really good.

Y'all are coming in late to this party so let me give you some back story.

One night a few months ago changed all of us. It bonded the four of us in a way we've yet to discuss and address. The timing still isn't right though. One day it will be and y'all will hear all about it, I'm sure.

He and I were on one couch. They were on another. We spent a couple of hours just talking and getting to know each other. K and I had conversed a few times over the last year or so but that was the first time meeting R. He didn't know either of Them.

To be clear, all three are Tops of some sort, really on the Dom/Sadist spectrum. Which means I was the one being picked on tormented played with the whole time.

It shifted when we ended up in play space. It started with her. That woman. She knows how to make me melt. K joined in. Wartenburg wheel and fingernails.

Mmmmm! *happy sighing*

Then They went to play for awhile with the demo stuff. He came over...I have pics of that. Him all intense and focused while I'm three steps from heavenly bliss. I wish I could share those with y'all just for the sake of understanding how awesome our connection was even at the beginning.

Then all three played with me. Tormented me with so much pleasure that I wasn't capable of speech. Even the voice in the back of my mind was quiet, for once. I'll admit, I kept looking for Him. Making sure He was close. I wouldn't have made it through that night without Him. Something of which He's been well aware.

The connection with K and R is nothing new. It's not nearly as abrupt or shocking as it likely appears here. This blog was not meant for anyone but Him. It'll still mainly be about His place in my life.

Given that They are the only other people fully aware of my reality, and the nature of Him & I, it makes sense They'll appear from time to time.

Next post I'll update y'all on where the four of us are kind of at currently. It's pertinent enough to Him and I that I should share it. I'll be quoting people a bit because the three of them are funny people. There's a reason why I'm as close as I am to those three.


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    1. Ah yes, They are! They've been together since May or June of this year. I'd have to dig through Fetlife to be certain.

      Thank you for asking! I wasn't sure if I'd made that clear or not. Obviously not as much as I'd hoped, heh.