Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I love coffee

Not sure what I'd do without coffee. Probably function terribly.

Not much kinky is really happening, on any level. I can't see it happening any time soon to be honest. It kind of makes me miss one of my ex's...for half of a second. Ha!

Nah, just a lot going on with me. Within and without.

I think a cuddle will go a lot farther than a spanking at this point. Though I wouldn't say no to both...

He and I are both trying to work on ourselves for the time being. Help each other when and where we can. We need the friendship more than we want the rest.

Today was/is one of those days where I should not be alone. Thankfully there's an event tonight. That's about as kinky as my life is going to get. I do get to see Him, as well as some other friends.

So there is an upside to actually leaving my house from time to time.

I'm drinking coffee now. I think cup's hard to count as I drink half a cup and then refill. I'm weird like that.

It's my sanity, at least for today. Because I'm all over the place and coffee is my center. Plus, I'm going back to reading the book He gave/lent me. Probably going to need the coffee to give my brain a way to make sense of it...and all the thoughts the coincide with what I'm reading.

I promise to write something kinky for y'all soon. I have plenty of thoughts on the subject after all. Just because I'm not active in kink doesn't mean I can't share my thoughts about it. So look out for post along those lines in the near future.


  1. I also need coffee to function.

    Many of us started by writing about our kinky fantasies. And, someday you may have the experience you never thought possible.

    This community would enjoy reading your writings and about your thoughts on the topic.


  2. i'm beginning to think i should have had another cup today. but it's 645 pm for me now and that's too late for caffeine. i'll be awake all night if i drink some now