Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seeing the whole picture

He and I need to talk. Seriously.

I thought I misread Him badly. He's missing a ton of stuff. Which either I haven't said or He just outright missed it.

He also sends out mixed signals, something He is fortunately aware of. Now He needs to bloody well find a solution.

Though, hmmm...upon further evaluation that actually might make sense. And with revelations that I don't believe He's aware of, a more middle ground might be found.

If nothing else, it should lead to a better comprehension on both our parts.

Please indulge my use of variables...

I believe He sees me as a culmination of parts which we will refer to as "x." This variable "x" takes into account quite a few aspects, mainly more recent occurrences in my life and who I am.

The variable of "z" will represent the "me" that I am presenting at a given time.

Now in actuality, I am more like an equation.

For example:

3x + 4y = z

Now the coefficients represent the intensity levels of such personality and experiential traits, reflecting a specific situation. As such an equation suggests that He is missing all of "y" and therefore can not reach the conclusion of "z." Hence why we often have so much that becomes lost in translation.

One way to naturally gather more clues to this equation that is me is to view more equations that represent different variations, depending on said circumstances. Such as:

5x + y = 3z

The variables remain the same, but the quantities of such variables differ and in turn affects the solution.
The equation can become more complex in that sometimes the solution can in turn affect the variables within:

x + 6y = z + 3

Or it can go so far as:

2x + y + 5g - 2h = 2z + t/h -3

And that is still a gross over simplification of who I am and what part of me I'm presenting at any given time. In the equation above, we get a much clearer understanding of how the right side of the equation can affect the left hand side. The left being internal, the right being external. There are more outside influences affecting the overall view.

Assuming He's only aware of "x" it's easy to see how the wrong conclusions are being made about each other.

This is why He and I need to talk. Fill in a few more of those variables, so He can see the bigger picture with more clarity.

I also apologize for using Maths for the examples. It was useful for how I wanted to explain how all the pieces relate to one another. If you didn't follow any of the above, I apologize. Don't think about it too hard.

I'm simply trying to suggest that people are far more complex beings than we give ourselves credit for. Given the complexities and depths of TTWD, viewing and understanding all such variables that can affect a person at any given time allow for greater comprehension. It also allows the outside person to react appropriately.

So yes, we'll talk. Probably I'll do a lot of the talking. Give Him clarity to what He's seeing behind the walls, and maybe open a few doors He hasn't yet ventured into.

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