Friday, November 16, 2012


I smile more because of Him. And He likes when I smile, which makes me's a circle of smiling and happiness.

I was listening to music last night before I headed to bed for the night.

Suddenly the image of Him filled my mind. My breath caught and my heart nearly burst.

He was all dressed up in work clothes...god he's damn sexy in those. There's something hot about a man in professional attire. I'm getting myself all worked up just thinking about it.

He has this "look" as if He's staring right to the depths of me. *melts*

Oh, His eyes. Yum! He can look at me with those any time. They're a gorgeous swirl of gold, green, and brown. Just stunning.

Then He has this thing He does...pulling off the glasses dramatically and then He has this intensity to His expression. Typically followed by "Well hello there..."  *swoon*

This isn't Him being dominant. It's simply Him...being sexy and hot as hell.

The Dom look, when He lets the beast out?? Oh I stop thinking with that. Pliant submissive comes out then. Do whatever you wish, please...

His smile...I can't help but smile back. I love making Him smile. It's dazzling. Sometimes sweet, sometimes has a hint of a predatory nature to it.

I was horny as fuck yesterday. Like ready to fuck anything that moved. Instead, I opted for this amazing glass dildo I have. It has round little nobs along the length that just make it ten times better!!

I must have fucked my pussy with it for half an hour at least. 5 orgasms later...I'm blissed out. I'm still horny but I can barely move at that point.

It was Him. He's why those orgasms were that damn good...I was deep in fantasy world in my mind. He was the center of it all. He was giving me those looks that get me right at my core.

I won't go into the fantasies...but damn. Even in those, He's just irresistible. His eyes...those looks He gives me...that was a large part of it. I could hear His voice in my head and I was lost to it.

Truthfully, I'm not sure He realizes just how much He effects me. Doesn't matter if He's trying or not. Who He is turns me on. Makes me want to be closer to Him.

I can't get enough of Him.

It's those small things that are innately "Him" that makes me so excited to see Him every time.

I do get to see Him on Sunday!! See Him smile. See the sparkle in His eyes that just draws me in every time.

Oh I've got it bad for Him...I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I have it bad for my him too! It is amazing isn't it? :)

    1. It so is!!

      He was in my dreams last night. So sweet. He's been on my mind all morning. Just helps make for one great day.

      And, just found out that my sweetness is rubbing off so now He's having a good day too.

      *happy sigh*

  2. Lovely read, JustAnotherSub, I've got it bad for my him, too. When he's at work I get that same smile & the boys just grin, the little one says - you're thinking about smoochin' him aren't you? Mmmmhmmm :)

    1. Glad you liked! It's good to know I'm not the only one swooning over a guy!!

      Though damn you because now I'm thinking about kissing Him. Mmmmm! Kissing is just one of the best things in the world. :)

      I know He reads this and the comments too! Because damn, it's been too long since He and I have last kissed. That needs to be fixed, hopefully on Sunday!!

      *hint hint hint* ^_^

    2. Lol, sorry about that. I pine for his kisses all day - he is the most amazing kisser I have ever experienced. Makes me all soft and warm & pliant just thinking about it - sigh...

    3. Hmmmm, sounds like something my Daddy would say, too, lol

  3. Oh please, you're making it sound like I'm God's gift to womankind. Plus there's no gold in my eyes, i was just staring into a mirror for five minutes and didn't see anything other than i really need to shave.

  4. Everyone, meet my Him :) About time He said "hello"

    Yes, you do have gold in your eyes. At least you do around me. ^_^

    And no, you're not God's gift to womankind. Nah, I wouldn't want to share you that much. You are a gift to my life though. One I very much treasure.

    That is me turning your self-deprecating humor into something sweet. You should have seen that coming. <3

    1. Without giving too much away...

      He is very funny, silly, and ridiculous.

      I find most of it amusing, as is His intentions want.

      The rest of the time? It's sweet, breath taking, and down right sexy.

      I'm far too focused on His sweet and sexy sides to linger in the realm of humor.

      But please do not let my absolute adoration of Him stop you from enjoying His sense of humor.

      Like with the glasses and look He does, He's poking fun at how unsauve He believes Himself to be.

      Except I think He's sexy as hell when He does that, with the humor in it included.

      I'll likely get a "talking to" because of this. Revealing too much. I can't help it. I love talking about Him. :)