Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting a little more personal

It occurs to me that except for the little side blurb y'all don't know much about me.

I was corrupted my freshman year of high school. By a guy I had known on and off for years, as far back as 6th grade. Maybe longer? Lol

We were only friends for a year, but it was one of the best friendships I've ever had. It was one of those connections beyond words.

"Bite me" took on a whole meaning with that friend. Mmmm, bruises. The first of many.

I didn't find BDSM until later on, but I was definitely damn perverted and kinky from that point forward.

I've had...hold on I'm counting...8 previous dominant partners. Not all were my Dom, to be clear. I have the bf now (who is dominant), but he's still current to my life. I've had 4 submissive partners. One of those overlapped. We started him-Dom, me-sub...then he realized he was submissive.

Basically, I am not new to this by any means. Though I'd not claim to have it figured out better than anyone else.

Most of my experience with BDSM and D/s has revolved around the emotional and mental aspects. Pain too. Likely why I'm such a masochist.

I attend quite a number of events on a regular basis. Munches, parties, etc. My life is kinky...just not too much in my personal life, right now.

The boyfriend lives a few hours away. We see each other when we can; do the best we can with it.

With Him, we are what we are. Which I'm damn well content with. It's just not D/s or BDSM inclined at this given moment. Well, it is and it isn't. It's inherent to who we both are and it does work so well together. It's just not something actively being given attention currently.

Part of me misses the spanking, domination and submission, pain, floggers, canes, crop...I miss more the feelings of control. The mental and emotional leashes...the security that comes along with that. I miss the closeness. The feeling that I have someone there who is not going anywhere. Who I can trust and depend on...

Not that I truly found that in the past. Which is why I'm no longer with said people. But I miss the pieces of it I did get...I miss the process of trying to achieve that with another person.

But it's also not going anywhere. I'm not about to leave it all behind.

I'm just taking a breather. Letting me find my place as a person again before jumping back into the D/s.

So I have lots of stories I can tell y'all about. Lots of thoughts on submission, domination, switching, etc. I have infinite ideas on the nature of power exchange, and the levels it can exist in.

I'm sure I'll talk more about religion, especially Christianity. It's fitting with where I am now. It does tie in so well with BDSM after all.

I think the next post will be something on power exchange. That sounds intriguing right now.

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  1. I am looking forward to reading your stories about your experiences. Thank you for sharing so much about yourself.