Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All Lovey and Gooey

I'm tired and sore. Long day. Entertaining a baby while dealing with idiots shopping. Attempting to find a black sweater that wasn't see-through, a turtleneck or frumpy for the friend I'm with. Ended up finding a dark gray one...hope it works for her. I don't understand it, but manufacturer's are fucking idiots with the way clothing is being designed.

So take this post with a cup of coffee. I know I'll be needing some along with the Mtn Dew I just chugged down.

I had a realization before bed last night. I told Him all about it. That's just what I do...

It's that I was able to be sad without spiraling into a depression. This was Monday evening. I was in the shower and just started balling my eyes out. Which yeah that did suck but it was healthy. I was doing okay before 24 hours later. No depression, no darkness. Fuck yeah!

I claim my victory!

He thinks it's a little weird, my phrasing of how frickin happy I am that I had non-debilitating sadness. Don't care. I'm fucking ecstatic that I don't need to freak out because I feel like crying now and then. Strange as it sounds but that made my day.

Okay so before the strange realization late at night in bed. He and I were texting per the norm.

I was in a good mood. Like a super, duper great mood.

I mentioned how weird it is to not be calling Him "Sir"...and He said it won't be too long. Thankfully!!!

Which is when I started to gush. Totally sappy, lovey, gooey.

How I crave Him. How the man fascinates me to no end. I'm constantly learning new things about Him and I love it.

Okay, I won't continue with that or this will go on forever...

But, He was surprised I gushed so much. Really??? Huh, well okay then. :-P

He makes me happy. All the time, seriously. Just who the man is satisfies my mind, heart, and body. Of course I'm gonna gush and be all lovey-dovey.

I also got permission to gush as much as possible to Him. *grins and sighs happily*

I miss the kink. I really do. But, I love this man so much that I can go without it from time to time.

Also, I asked for something!!! I asked if ropes could be used when we have our weekend together in January. He said yes and it's on the list of things of "some day."  Along with a whole assortment of other fun things that I can barely recall now.

So He's happy and I'm happy. ^_^


  1. Will January be your first time using rope? I ask because it will be my first time too! Fun!

    1. Actually no. I had a gorgeous rope corset done on me, and then added bondage, in the spring time by a friend. I was then tormented deliciously.

      Then, in August at a party, a new friend tied me up with rope and fingered me until I came in front of a room full of people.

      But those are my only two times with it. Both incredibly fun!! Hot as hell!! Being bound up sends me straight into subspace and I just soar the entire time.

      Then again...a hard smack or two from His hand does the same thing, LOL

    2. I agree, hot as hell! Weve used cuffs before, but never rope. Im excited!