Saturday, December 1, 2012


I'm floating in the afterglow as I write this.

There's so much that has happened, that we've said to each other.

I think it was Wednesday night that He said He could get used to having a little sex kitten under His control.

I offered Him Thursday evening control over my orgasms. I told Him it was fine, if not. I was trying to determine the lines between our play and when I had freedom of control.

He hesitated, saying that it would be left in my power. He'd only take control when we both agreed on it. Then it occurred to Him that I'd always say yes.

So He took control of my orgasms and I have to give Him daily reports. Cumming without permission results in a punishment...hopefully that won't be needed.

My head is spinning. I'm trying to stay grounded. Because I know this is but one small step for Him and I into the world of kink.

It's taken basically from July until now to get to this point. I don't mind one bit. The journey here has been incredible and necessary. The building up of trust, respecting the whole of each other, recognizing all the vanilla things that are so allowed us to be here.

Part of me is this giddy ball of joy. Tempered by the fact that things will still be going very, very slowly. Though it is nice to be finally approaching the bdsm and kink aspects of each other.

I keep smiling, an expression of sheer bliss. Being controlled, in any regard, sits so well with me.

It's like I have these wings but I'm too afraid to fly on my own. I'd fly too close to the sun, like Icarus not listening to caution. But with a proverbial leash of sorts, I can spread those wings and soar without fear. Knowing I'll be reigned in before going too far.

Granted, it's not near enough control for that kind of freedom. Maybe one day. Only time will tell if this is what He really wants. I'm okay with waiting and enjoying the ride in the mean time.

We have so much fun together. Out with friends. Watching whatever movie He feels like I've missed out on, lol. Helping Him gain confidence in cooking. I enjoy hearing about His day at work. None of that changes. A small, very lovely piece has just been added to the mix.


  1. Oh, that sounds so lovely. I love feeling owned.

    1. It is quite lovely. I'm still basking in the high from last night. ^_^

  2. Its funny you compare yourself to Icarus. Mr. Woods just described me like that in his recent guest post about a punishment. Its fitting! I can relate. :)

    Orgasm control can be so much fun! I hope you both enjoy it. :)

    1. Oh we definitely do!! Had some more fun with it last night! Tee hee!

      If I'm not too overwhelmed with work and making cookies, I'll tell ya all about last night in a post later today!!

  3. "So He took control of my orgasms and I have to give Him daily reports."

    This is interesting. About two weeks ago, I gave Kitty the same task (journaling her orgasms), except without threat of punishment for doing it without permission. As it turns out, she doesn't really ever do it without my permission anyway. :)