Saturday, December 22, 2012

Making Him Smile

I always love Him but some days those feelings are so intense that I feel like I'm overflowing.

Like right now? I had to write a little before bed. Share all this sweetness.

He told me that I have the ability to make Him smile in almost any situation.

I love knowing that! His smile is enough to make me melt. He has a variety of very distinct smiles but there's one in particular still on my mind.

From Tuesday night, as we were saying our good byes, we kissed. He had this smile that exuded happiness and contentment. It pulled at my heart so intensely that I had to kiss Him again.

Even now, I just want to kiss Him so I can see that look.

Also, I really enjoy kissing Him. He makes something quite simple this sweet, tender, and wonderful thing.

I'm going on about the man because of kisses and smiles. Can you imagine everything He makes me feel if kisses and smiles leave me smiling and swooning like a teenage girl?

It's no wonder I'm head over heels for Him.

Not to mention that He can easily put me in my place with a few well placed touches. That also came in handy on Tuesday. I have a weakness for my ears. And my ankles. Which He takes full advantage of to have me exactly the level of kitten and submissive that He wants me.

He's a great listener too. He's talked me through some intense, fairly negatives moments a lot this week. It's not been one of my better weeks to put it mildly.

He makes it better though. He has this talent of helping put me at ease.

So while I make Him smile nearly all the time, I can say for certain He does the same. His mere presence is often enough to make me smile. Then when He flashes a dazzling smile my way, I melt.

It may sound so vanilla but we're definitely more than just the kink. We always have been. Vanilla is not something I wish to discard, ever. Especially not the way vanilla is for us. It's downright delicious!

Now I'm off to bed to dream sweetly of Him.

1 comment:

  1. it's sweet. lovely to read.
    and i'm so glad you can feel the loveliness of the vanilla amidst the kink.

    I love that about me and BIKSS too. when he's driving and i look over at him, that makes me smile. And when he sees me looking and give me a smile back, i melt too.

    he has a twinkle in his eye. and i think i have a twinkle in mine. reserved for when we look at each other.

    i bet you have it too!

    *and kissing rocks!*