Saturday, December 15, 2012

Wax Play

Wax play...not a fan.

Been wanting to try it out for several years. And I mean real wax play, not just a couple drops from a candle.

There was a small get together at a friend's place last night. A small group which was lovely.

I got to try wax play...I was the only one yelling out in pain. Not in the good way either.

Feeling like I'm being burned is not my kink.

My skin has never been as soft but that is not worth the price. Both in spending money on wax (look it up sometime, that shit is expensive) and with the pain.

I'm sad I didn't like it as it's quite a popular thing at local parties right now. He's sad too. To be clear, He wasn't there but I sent Him a text about it afterwards.

Otherwise last night was a blast. I was the resident kitty who nuzzled everyone. There are some pictures of that and I hope I get to see those!!

Today is putting up the tree and other Christmas decorations, so I should get on that. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  1. hmmm like the description about kitty nuzzling everyone.

    enjoy the tree!

    (i don't think i'd like wax either. even tho i DO like candles... lit. Not melting on me.)

    1. Everyone likes the kitty, being all snuggly and cuddly. I had my head in laps while nuzzling and mewing. It was adorable!

      The tree is up now. I'll have to take a picture as it's really pretty. Maybe once all the presents are under it, as it'll look better then.

      Yeah, candle are sooooo much better lit and smelling pretty. Not on my skin, lol.

  2. I'm a fan of the couple of drops from a candle :) but I havent tried anything else. What else is there?? is it scarey??

    I'm all anticipation....but then I have skin like asbestos ;)


    1. With wax play, it's typically heated up in a crock pot. A blend of paraffin, soy, baby oil, and dye sticks (for the color).

      Then it's up to your creativity as to what to do with it. Pour or drip it on. Cover someone completely.

      The temperature of the wax is about 130 F, though it can be about 5-10 degrees cooler before it hardens. It's supposed to be relaxing and warm. Not hot and burning.

      You oil someone up with baby oil first, so it's easier to take the wax off and to put a layer between the wax and the person.

      I'm very temperature sensitive. It goes along with some nerve damage. Makes even impact play difficult at the best of times.

      I would recommend you try it though, if you like wax play. :)