Monday, December 24, 2012

Sweetness and Orgasms

If you haven't noticed, we're very sickeningly sweet. We're that kind of sweet that you want to cringe at because it's just too much. And we both fully acknowledge this, lol!!

Thankfully, we keep it pretty much to ourselves. Except I do occasionally share it here, but y'all barely get a taste of how cute we are.

Like, how He likes making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And...I fully admit I'm a greedy little subbie in that I want it all...and that He doesn't have a problem with it since He has plenty to share.

Yes, the man is downright scary. But He's also so sweet and tender. Thoughtful and caring. Supportive and understanding.

I love the kink. I love when He's dark. Oooo, I love His darkness. I love how He so easily accepts the darkness in in last night I told Him I want Him to come into my home as an intruder and do downright terribly evil things to me.

Gotta love consensual non-consent!! :-D

I'm also a romantic. I'm not necessarily a chocolate and flowers kind of woman, though I don't mind those! I more mean everything He does that makes me swoon with warmth and makes my heart flutter in delight.

I love the sweetness of Him. When He softly touches my cheek and smiles down at me. When we talk about all the gooey feelings we have for each other. How much He loves that I'm super cuddly.

If our friends knew how bad we have it for each other, they'd be teasing us...instead of how we always tease them. Ha ha! And yes, He does have it bad for me. He hasn't outright said it but come on, we all know it's true.

So, if this doesn't always strike y'all as a BDSM blog, please understand that our cuteness is a large part of us and even part of our dynamic. We are some of the darkest kinky people out there. But it's not even something He and I have touched upon together...yet.

He often says I need a bit of light. That the darkness isn't what I need right now. It's so true. He wants to see me happy, smiling, upbeat...after so long of struggling with past relationships and my own inner demons.

He's pretty damn wonderful. *sighs happily*

I do have to gush about a little kink though. As I mentioned the other day, we're back to our power exchange. He told me that lately He's been working me up and leaving me hanging. I guess He felt I deserved some relief because He ordered me to have an orgasm.

Then it became at least one. LOL!!

He loves my enthusiastic nature. How readily I'm willing to please Him and follow through on an order. Because not 15 minutes later was I on the floor moaning and cumming, definitely His slut. And I was still quite horny so I kept going.

I managed another orgasm and soaked through the towel beneath me. Playing with my favorite glass dildo. Yum!!

Now I'm a ball of submissive bliss. Content with where He and I are with our relationship. Content with being His slut and play thing.

Oh! And after seeing this toy on another blog, I was told I need to order it for our time together in January:

There are a couple of different designs but I think I like that one the best. I'm not normally a fan of pink but that just looks so cute!! And I know He'll have fun using it! I just have to wait for it to come back in stock, then I'll be all over ordering that! :-D

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