Sunday, December 16, 2012


It occurred to me while reading blogs...yes I'm a tangential person and will often be inspired when reading blogs, even if it's only semi related. Thanks Fondles for the inspiration!! ^_^

To explain how I got to the post that follows...I was reading about Fondles hot and sexy times...then started thinking "ooo, I can't wait to play with Him on the 29th." Which led me to imagining the He likes to get right in my face, Sadistic and I'll be silently begging Him to kiss me...

*fans off*

Anyway, I was thinking about that moment and thought about my interactions with T and R. It occurred to me that they do the same damn thing! Yet, I've not kissed either of them.

Which when you consider how much else I have done with them, it's a little funny that kissing hasn't made the list.

With R, it's an issue with gluten. She has Celiac disease and I'm not about to poison her with a kiss.

And I'm not about to kiss T without having kissed R first. That would just be rude, lol.

Plus, it's not something the three of us have discussed. Somehow kissing would change the playing field. I don't know if that's something we're ready for, or even something I want to handle right now.

I have Him to handle and that's difficult enough on its own most days!! *smiles at Him* You know I love you and that I think you're absolutely worth it. ^_^

Especially now that He wants to move this into a public setting, I'm hesitant to take another emotional/physical step with anyone else right now.

Once He and I are settled more comfortably, I imagine the four of us will be sitting down and having a long discussion. About countless relevant things, I'm sure.

I know they're worried, more than either of them are outright saying. From their perspective I can understand it, but hopefully that worry can be eased in time. It comes from a place of love and I greatly appreciate that.

So yes, this started as a post about "hmm, I've not kissed them" and it spiraled into other semi-related things. Now y'all see the process behind most posts...with a bit more details and understanding behind it.

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