Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you see what I see?

I believe He's finally starting to see just how settled into my heart my love for him is. He told me earlier in the week: "You're not the first, and you may not be the last, but you are the now. And I'd be a fool to turn away from that."

Yes Sir, you would be...

I think my actions have matched my words. More than the expression of the love I have for Him, but I'm not tempted by "others." I think He was very concern He was a "shiny," a passing fancy.

A friend of ours hit on me at the bar on Tuesday night. Groped me even. I love our friends! We're so far from the norm. But boob grabbing doesn't mean much in our circle of friends, for the most part. This had a distinctly different feel. Inviting me to hang out at his place. There was something there in the tone that suggested more.

Know what I did? I spent a hour with Him right after this. I wanted my time with Him, since His work held Him up earlier that day and I couldn't get my alone time then.

The next day, I asked him about our friend. To see if it was just me and to tell him I was well aware of someone else approaching His territory...even if that last part isn't totally official. :-P

I told Him that I had no interest in this other guy. I don't, not to mention this guy has a weird semi-relationship with another friend of ours. Which is not going well. So not touching that. I know though, even if there was no outside drama with this guy friend, I'd still not be interested.

My love is with Him. If I want to snuggle and play, I have Him, R and K.

It's funny though with that guy friend. About two years ago, I found four kinky people on a vanilla site. Three of whom are prominently in my life. The one I was able to convince fairly easily to come out to munches. We've had a good friendship that is really cementing itself now.

There's ex. We don't talk about him. He's still local and somewhat in the community. I will be more than happy to never see that man again.

The last two are Him and the guy friend who seems to be interested in me. I was pretty damn compatible with all four guys. That's how I was able to find them. But the funny part is I immediately knew them the moment I saw them, and from where, when they showed up to munches over a year and half later.

Heh, He still doesn't remember meeting me there. But the man has a worse memory for details than me, and I would have wagered large amounts of money that wasn't possible. It took our friend probably about two months (and checking back on the site, lol) to remember that we had spoken.

The point of that is: Our friend is someone who potentially I would be very good with dating, and who I am not interested in the slightest.

We met on July 15th. It is over 5 months later. I'm still here and I have no intention of going anywhere. I'm more intrigued each day by this man who made me swoon from the day we met in person. We talk every day. Throughout most of our day typically.

Even as I'm wrapping up this post, we're texting. He just woke up. I have this urge to curl up in bed with Him and steal His warmths.

He was in my dreams last night. Gotta love how He finds His way there, to a place that used to be all my own. I don't mind sharing my dream real estate as long as it's with Him.

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