Sunday, December 9, 2012

Orgasms Upon Orgasms

Going to bed after more orgasms than I could count. Estimating over a dozen, under two dozen. The first round there was 5 orgasms with nipple play ONLY.

The second round is when things got so intense that I was nearly incapable of speech. I also lost count then lol.

He had given me permission the evening before to play with R and K. Have fun and enjoy myself. Oh that I did!!

But I have different levels of orgasms. Without penetration and/or direct clitoral simulation, I'm left feeling a little unsatisfied.

Thankfully tomorrow I get to see Him! Hooray! He told me to bring my toys as He intends to enjoy Himself.

I'm sure there will be plenty to share. If not, I'll tell y'all about my fun with K and R! Might do that anyway because I think there's a lot He could use to His advantage.

If He still reads here...not sure He's been keeping up lately.

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