Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Date

I am going to nap after writing this so warning now that coherency may not follow.

I'm officially calling Wednesday a date. Why? Because upon reflection, it was one. In reality, I think it was our first.

Yes, we get together often. We've done dinner and lunch before. But it always felt like friends going out. Or our weird "more than friends but not quite anything else" thing that we did for months.

Now I wouldn't even judge it based on who paid or what not. Though it was strange having Him pay for the movie and dinner. I'm not used to that anymore. But I very much appreciated that He did. It was sweet. :)

It was the way He held my hand the entire movie. How He opened the doors into the diner we went to after the movie. Though I have a thing with men who open doors for me. I'm very independent and like to prove it.

If He wants to open doors and not have me fight it, He may want to make a rule about that. Or lay down some foundations of what He expects. Because I'm not going to wait around for a guy to open my door when I'm quite capable of doing such.

Mmm, I love His kisses. They are tender, careful, and sweet...just like Him. There's restraint to His kisses. I look forward to the day when He lets His passions out of the box He keeps them stuff in.

It was a bunch of little things that made it a "date." His attentiveness. Our banter. Everything.

Our first was much better than most first dates I've had. Likely knowing each other for 6 months first helps that. LOL!! It feels at times we're doing this all sorts of sideways and backwards. After all, He is my Sir. I am His sweet submissive kitten. You'd think we'd have had a real date before that.

Strange enough, while the D/s has always been easy, it's trying to fit the rest in place that has been difficult. It's why we've stumbled so often along the way. D/s is but a slice of who we are. The complete package is far more complex and more difficult to attain as a couple.

It's a work in progress. We'll get there eventually. :)


  1. I like that. Even married couples need to go on dates just to keep things balanced. I hope that you get to go on a date, say maybe once a week. And let him open the door for you. I have taught my sons and daughter to open the door just to be polite. And like to be needed

    1. *blushes* Yeah, I know I should let Him open the door. It's just a door, and it's sweet of Him. But...I may have to tell the back story to that one.

      At least it's something new to write about, lol.

      We do try to see each other as often as possible. As physically close in distance as we are to each other, there's a lot in both our lives that keeps it from being a reality.

      If I can get better before Tuesday, we do have plans to see each other then. Hopefully I'll be in good health for that! :)

  2. Hmmmmm, that could be a little submission exercise tailored just for you. Can you imagine how it would make him feel for you to pause at the door, lower your eyes and wait for him to take care of you? A very small act, a huge statement. Just something to think about ;-)

    1. Hmm, definitely something to think about.

      Probably would make Him grin with satisfaction...okay June, I think you might win with that.