Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where A Wayward Thought Will Lead

Our conversations always end up in intriguing places. Last night was no exception.

I have been very stressed out since around Christmas. The last few days have been a test of my patience. My body is a tense and unpleasant mess. It was too late for a bath last night but I will be soaking in heaven this evening.

Apparently my delicious Sir was highly aroused last night. With the mention of all the stress, He said cuddles were in order...and a beating on Saturday. I love parties! He's normally not that forward with kink so I know His mind was in some wonderfully dark place.

I casually mentioned that I should take a bath today or I won't survive the week. He took that idea and ran with it!  "Mmm, hot bath. That sounds like fun for two."

We bounced around ideas. I've seriously considered renting a hotel room for the night with a large jacuzzi for us to soak and play in. So obviously I told Him this idea. He mentioned we were liable to have several noise complaints.

Unless...we were in a private cabin. Like last summer, where He tempted me for a week to come and visit Him. This was shortly after we met, maybe two weeks later. He wanted me to drive down to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. God only knows what sort of trouble we would have gotten into, LOL!

"Well, if we wanted real fun, find a secluded cabin, not just a skiing one. I'd hold you captive for a week."

*shivers* "I think we need to make this happen." :)

So, at some point expect to see us vacationing in the middle of nowhere, in a cabin all to ourselves. I will be His helpless captive, and He'll be my tormenting kidnapper.

And I'm not thorough or looking at cabin prices in our state as well as a few other local states...Of course I found one that I really like that is very reasonably priced. Which is only a three hour drive away, with a full kitchen and inside jacuzzi.

There's another cabin site about 5 minutes down the road. Where we could get a jacuzzi and private hot tub. Decisions, decisions. The jacuzzi is better in the first place, but a hot tub is appealing. I'll have to send Him all the details about those cabins and the general location. See if He approves. :-D

I'm texting Sir now; He is greatly amused. Also, He agreed that a long weekend is doable. Need to ask what His definition of a long weekend is. Tentatively aiming for late August or September. The rates are the best for warm weather. It also gives us plenty of time to work out the details.

Honestly, the initial searching was more an instant curiosity. See how much a cabin in the middle of nowhere would set us back. The ones in our state are more expensive than I expected. For the same distance of driving (we live in a decently large state, near the southern end of it), we could go to another state and spend half the money. Plus it's a new place we can explore!

Though I do wonder how much we'll be leaving the cabin hee hee hee. He comes up with the best ideas, even if semi-unintentionally.

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  1. Sometimes those ideas that are unintentional are the best ideas. A cabin in the middle of nowhere sounds heavenly right about now.