Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Night I Won't Soon Forget

I have a feeling this will be a long post as I'll be telling y'all about the roughly 24 hours from Friday into Saturday. So enjoy the ride!

It started innocently enough as I arrived at Sir's place. He was making dinner, which turned out quite well. I was thoroughly impressed. Then we watched Captain America and the Avengers, finishing up that movie series. At least for the time being, as I was informed Iron Man 3 will be out soon.

We snuggled and cuddled on the couch, with Him occasionally groping me. That man is a total tease!! One position was a perfect cuddle for me. I was leaning against Him in a way that He could rest His head against my arm. I loved that because every so often He'd nuzzle and kiss my arm gently. Slipping a hand up into my hair to gently pull was also quite delightful!

Mmmm, He did push me up against a wall in the kitchen (maybe the pantry closet door??) and kissed me deeply. My body responded immediately!! I melted in His arms and was soaking wet. Then He pushed me to my knees and had me suck Him for a while. I do so love that, probably nearly as much as He does, lol!!

After the movies were over, it was nearly midnight. He decided it was bedtime and I had no complaints to that! Once in His bedroom, He quickly removed my clothing. I've noticed He loves undressing me. There's something delicious about it that I can't quite put my finger on. His clothing quickly followed suit and I was back to sucking Him off.

He was quite satisfied with my performance, I think. Given His "Don't stop" when I had Him at my mercy (hee hee hee) and how nicely He came in/all over me, that's a technique I'll be keeping in mind for the future. Something He's not even aware of is that up until last night I'd never had a guy cum on my face. Surprising, I know. Kind of like I have never put a condom on a man's cock. Though for that, my hands are typically restrained so it's not like I've even had the opportunity. And before kink...well that was something the men always took care of. *shrugs*

He pulled me close for cuddles after He came. Heh, then He decided He wasn't through with me. I was told to get on the floor. As He pushed me gently down, I met His eyes. There was a hungry look in them. My slightly scary hunter had His prey cornered and He damn well knew it!! He thrust into me, claiming me. As my eyes met His, I could see the possessiveness. He was gauging my reactions. Enjoying how every deep thrust left me wide-eyed. I was in heaven, clinging to Him when able. Wanting to stay in the moment forever, being so physically and emotionally connected with Him.

All good things must come to an end as I found myself wrapped up in His arms, tucked into bed. He'd turned off the lights and I assume He meant for us to sleep. I was riled up, my mind racing. I had Meatloaf's "Two Out of Three" stuck in my mind as well as Sara Bareilles' "Stay". The lyrics to those are haunting and apt. I also had Toto's "Africa" in my head; I'm not going to even try to puzzle that one out.

Then I started giggling. It took a few minutes for me to stop. I still don't know why I erupted into a fit of laughter. Maybe nervousness? He kept giving me strange looks. I guess it was apparent to Him that I was wide awake.

He decided that in order for me to sleep, He was going to wear me out. Thoroughly and completely with more orgasms than my body could handle. As y'all know, orgasm control is a big part of our D/s relationship. Oh did He ever show His mastery of my body!! Sir had me on top of Him where I wasn't to fuck, but simply cum on command around His cock.

I lost count at 18. I wouldn't doubt we hit over two dozen. Pulling my hair down to Him while thrusting deep inside of me...I can't explain what that does to me, having Him deep and fully within me. We were so synced up. Every orgasm furthering His pleasure. He was completely in control, of my mind and body.

Then He took over fucking me for His pleasure. Yes, orgasm three for Him. Mmmm! By the end, I literally could not orgasm anymore. He tried but my body could not handle anything else. That's a damn good way to fall asleep!! As we readied ourselves for bed a second time, I slipped into a purple satin little nightie. I could tell Sir liked it as He couldn't keep His hands off of it and me.

He pulled me close as we fell asleep. I was wrapped up in His arms throughout the night. Feelings of being safe, protected, wanted, and cherished lingered deep within me. I'm still basking in the glow of sleeping in His arms. I didn't want to get out of bed either. Waking up next to Him was perfect. I watched Him sleep for a while as I clung to the moment of peace and sweetness as long as I could.

The Sadist does not play fair. Not one bit! I had forgotten the report. (well, not exactly...I just had no idea what to do as I normally text Him at the end of the night. Details that we worked out later) So to up the challenge, He had me get back on top and ride Him to make Him cum. But for every orgasm that I had, it was another minute of punishment. I was managing quite well, even with Him thrusting deep inside of me. Until He held me up by my throat as I rode Him, unable to use my hands for leverage.

Imagine that: Riding His cock while He had a hand around my throat. Some body weight held by my legs, the rest with His hand. Especially as He grabbed/pulled my hair to bring me closer to Him.

I was lost from that point. There was no saving me from the three orgasms that racked through my body. The final one was while He was coming inside of me. He warned me He was close and how could I not cum when my Sir was having an orgasm deep within me? The Sadist is a deliciously evil part of Him.

We truly didn't get out of bed and dressed until nearly noon. We bonded in that time. He had me read a short story a friend of His wrote. I was leaning against Him as I read. At one point, He rested His head in my lap, reading along with me.

Then we went out for breakfast and talked about a story that's been in my mind for years. We're both writers by choice and nature. He picked up on the themes of my story with such ease and helped fill in all the gaps. A one book story became four complete books, including a prequel, within an hour of conversation. I would love for Him to write this story with me. So we'll see how that goes. :)

We went back to His place to watch "Chuck"...last time...well, I wasn't allowed to talk about that. It's still a writing sitting in my drafts: mocking me. Maybe He'll finally let me post it! :-P  So an episode of Chuck later and it's nearly 3pm. Sir didn't want me to go and very honestly, I never wanted to leave. I am super comfortable with Him. He was doing His best to keep me there, even letting another episode start so as to entice me. But away I went, back to my home...that is very empty without Him.

So that was our first and truly wonderful night together. Memories I will hold close to me every night as I fall asleep...Until His arms can be wrapped around me once more.

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  1. Oh, wow.. the throat... the riding... the hair-pulling. oh. my.

    I need some water.