Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When He Says the Right Thing

I'm torn whether He said the hottest or sweetest thing to me last evening. Without context, it doesn't make a lot of sense. So bear with me as I detail the conversation:

me: Oh dear, there may be interesting convos happening tonight. I have mentioned [people I'm with]'s interest in me. It's getting brought up again heh.

Him: Heh, nice. You seem to be quite popular.

Yeah, I know :P problem is people want sex. And I don't, not with anyone but you.

Heh. You have a lot more to offer than just that.

I know...and I don't mind kink play. But for [people I'm with], kink and sex are intertwined...and I said I would wait. I meant that. Sex is off limits for anyone else. That's my decision to make, and one I plan to stick with.

I am quite popular. People would be thrilled to have me as a partner. Kink, sexual, emotional or otherwise. I'm well aware of those people. Yet none of it matters. Like it or not, I picked you. Which means everyone else can take a number, for if/maybe when I'm available.

This following is what this post has been leading up to...

Well, if I have anything to say about it, they'll be waiting a very long time.

*swoon*  *sighs happily*

Yeah, that's all I have been able to think about since. :)

Totally hot, in that it makes me want to pounce Him and have lots of wild sex. I just want to be all over His body.

Sweet too, since it makes me want to cuddle up in His arms all protected and owned.

Funny how just one line can have such an impact on me.


  1. Hot and sweet can be both the same thing at times. :)

    1. Quite right! :) And it definitely was both of those!!