Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ending the year with a bang


I thought the weekend was amazing. New years eve topped that by a long shot!!

To explain my last post a bit, and the "strange woman". I had a friend come up to spend the night. She's really cool and definitely added to the fun of the night. So she crashed in my bed because it's a King and there's plenty of room. However, a strange person in bed always causes me to sleep restlessly.

I highly doubt I'll be able to sleep whenever He and I spend that first night together. I'm all too aware of another person moving. Though He may have me snuggled too close for either of us to move, heh.

I had some marks from the weekend. Nice little bruises. I played with a lot of people that night. Given that it was at my house, I ended up the demo Top and bottom for a number of scenes. Yes folks, I can Top if necessary. It's not really my thing, but the two guys really enjoyed themselves.

I bottomed for two scenes...well, bottomed for one with K.

The other scene was with Sir. Mmmmmmm!! That was not bottoming. That was submitting. Big difference, lol.

Now to give you some insight into Him and I, we've been fairly reserved in public together. People have seen and commented on the energy between us. However, given we were still figuring things out, we kept ourselves as just friends and our actions further reflected that.

New years eve changed all of that. It was something we discussed ahead of time. He would be a bit more possessive of me. The physical and emotional distance would be removed. I'm sure it surprised a few people and I wouldn't doubt thoughts are stirring in people's minds.

We cuddled and snuggled in front of everyone for half the night. For which I was naked, though that's not surprising to our friends. That I stayed clothed as long as I did NYE was a surprise honestly. But the sexy cocktail dress needed to be shown off. :-D

Sir and I also scened, in front of people. A first for us. (We played privately over the weekend while people were upstairs.)

I have a larger number of bruises now. Heh, we found out I can orgasm from being hit in a very specific spot: the underside of my ass right where it meets my thighs. He made me cum with the cane over the weekend and a belt on NYE.

Mmmmm, I am a fan of the belt!!! Especially when He uses it on me!!

The floggers and crop were also nice.

Things got really interesting when He turned me around though. We were playing on the host's cross on NYE. When we locked eyes, two very different sides came out of us. The "Hunter" emerged from Him. This time there was no fear and shaking...

I laughed. Yeah...laughed when He hit me. Not because I thought the situation was funny, nor was I disrespecting Him.

He brought out the side that delights in the pain. It rarely makes an appearance but there wasn't a sub before Him. More like a wild creature that He was taming. It's intense to watch, from what I've been told.

Actually, a female friend of ours was watching our scene and became quite concerned for me. She'd never seen me play that hard before and was worried that Sir was hitting me too hard. But a few friends explained that as long as I wasn't saying my safe word, then there was nothing anyone could do. Not to mention that different people can handle different types of pain.

Monday night, I needed Sir to hurt me. I didn't want the nice and gentle side that I love dearly. That was for later in the night. On that cross, I needed Him to hurt me. Mark me. Tear me down to bare open all that I am.

Then cuddle me for the next three hours, LOL!!!

I'm still flying pretty damn high from that night. Crossing my fingers and hoping I don't crash from this. If I do, let it be next week when I can see Him again.

We're doing a vanilla movie/dinner night. Going to see Les Miserables next Wednesday. Should be a very nice time. :)


  1. oh that sounded wonderful.

    and just so you know, i usually have a problem sharing my bed the first couple of times with someone new too... but i was happy to make it thru the whole night with BIKSS when we went away tog.

    I did wake up in the middle of the night (not something that i typically do) but he was right there still holding me and it was easy to shut my eyes and go right back to sleep.

    happy new year JAS. may 2013 be simply beautiful for yoU!

    1. It was really wonderful. The scenes were great. But the best part was just being "Us". Smiling, laughing, cuddling...flirting something terrible. It took a huge weight off of me, and I'd gather that's true for Him as well.

      Happy new year to you and BIKSS!! Hope this year brings you both joy and bliss together!

  2. Lovely post. I found the laughter explanation very interesting.

    1. Thanks! It's a bit different, I'll admit. But it worked so well for us.

      Hope you and yours have a fantastic new year!!