Friday, January 11, 2013

Breaking my Sir? Maaaybe ^_^

I think I broke Him, lol. I poured my heart out yesterday morning. That day we met, He touched my heart in a way that took me months to understand.

I doubt I fully understand it even now. When we met, it felt like meeting an old friend. Wednesday night He had an interesting comment towards that: We recognized someone from our future.

I love Him. So, so much. :)

I'm also sick with that flu going around. Blegh! Started out slow yesterday and really took off today. I woke up and the moment I stood, the room started to spin.

I slept most of the day. Hoping to sleep hard tonight. Maybe feel better tomorrow but I doubt it. The flu is great at kicking my ass. Last year I spent 4-5 days in bed, another week recovering.

Sir has been checking in on me, wishing He could take care of me Himself. But I am decent. I have my 2 kittens with me in bed. Hot cup of tea and a friend bringing me more honey.

He can make it up to me on Tuesday, hee hee. We're going to hang out at one of our places. Torn as I have better (and more) food while He has more movies. Simple answer would be to have Him bring one over.

Even though I'm terribly sick, I almost don't mind. I'm super happy with life. Sir and I are excellent, probably the best we've ever been.

Though I am curious to His reaction my love confession, tee hee. Apparently I showed Him the improbable. Not even going to try to dissect what He means by that. I'm sure it's a good thing though. :)


  1. Awww, I'm sorry you're feeling sick, I hope you get to feeling better, It got Daddy earlier in the week, and me the Wed & Thurs - yuck.

    I so love hearing other's love stories :)

    1. I'm still sick in bed, unfortunately. Hoping to be on the recovery by tomorrow as I have places to be during the week. I've already had to cancel plans as it is. :(

      Heh, you're last line first made me gush and go "d'awww!!!"...then I pondered over whether this is a love story. I'm going to say "Yes" even if acknowledging it is buried deep within Him. Tee hee hee!! ^_^