Thursday, January 17, 2013

In Craving, In Need

I find myself aching for conversation, touch, and human contact.

There is some concern I might have pneumonia, as the flu shouldn't be causing me breathing issues. It's something I'm keeping an eye on. Because of the sickness that has kept me in bed for a week, I have missed a munch and had to cancel so many plans.

I am a social creature. This isolation does not suit me.

I'm missing kink and BDSM. Both in action and discussion of it. Oh to feel Sir's hand around my throat, squeezing just enough to have me gasping!! I would beg for that on hands and knees, trailing kisses of worship along His shoes, for but a moment of His touch and careful attention.

Instead, I find myself soaking up all the information I can find. I have poured over Fetlife and find myself craving more. So out into blogland I go searching for blogs that can feed these submissive and intellectual demands. Blogs by Doms, who can offer insights and intrigues.

Sir and I are due for long conversations where I will glean curiosities from His mind as He slowly maps out mine. Finally we touch upon our kinks, those deep desires that are begging and pleading for a release.

I wish. I need. I want. I crave.


  1. I hope you're feeling better, you can do amazing things with IMs and texts and phone calls, not the same, but it can slake the thirst a could ask for submission exercises, little tasks you can still complete even if you are not helps! (((hugs)))

    1. I think I will ask Sir for something to keep me occupied. But ultimately it's up to the Boss. He's the one in charge.

      Which reminds me of a little funny from our conversation last night...

      I jokingly said that I want to ban the word "someday" as it seems to be the bane of our fun. It then occurred to me that I'm not in a position of power to ban anything, to which He rightly concurred.

      Yes, I think it's time for quite a few things...

      Thank you June. You are always a source for thoughts and clarity. *hugs*

    2. You're most welcome, glad I could give you a talking point :)
      We have that conversation, too, lol. Then I'll realize what I said and look at him and say - hmmm, that's not my decision is it? And he'll chuckle and shake his head no.

      BTW - I'm with you on the banning the word 'someday' it is far too nebulous!

  2. I had the flu a few years ago and it developed into pneumonia so take care of yourself!

    It is difficult when your a naturally active/social person to suddenley find yourself 'out of action', i enjoy reading topics on bdsm, M/s a firm believer in you can never learn too much. Plus i like reading about different experiences and i enjoy healthy debate.

    Hope your feeling better soon.