Tuesday, January 29, 2013


An interesting note to bring up about our time together from the weekend. I wanted to refer to Him as "Sir" on a number of occasions, especially while we played. But I found myself hesitating to address Him with that honorific. When we're in the midst of a scene, it's a fitting usage. The lines are a bit blurred for the rest of our time together as I know He doesn't always want to be "Sir".

I also wanted to cuddle the heck out of Him, the entire time. There was this need to be in physical contact. I mentioned that I would have been happy to have spent the entire day snuggled in bed with Him. That damn "someday" appeared, but for once I was happy. Because it's something I really want to do and knowing He wants it too is heartwarming.

Upon rereading my previous post, I realized my writing style is dissimilar to many of the bloggers I follow. I don't detail our exchanges, as if telling an erotica story. Give an overview? Sure. Puzzle over emotional/physical responses? You bet!

Nothing I would write could ever compare to the moments we share. Even my memories can't do that time justice, as I'm often "drunk" via subspace. Sir could probably give a much more accurate/interesting view...

*ponders* Since I can rarely convince Him to write in His own space...maybe I can convince Him to do a guest posting.

My sleeping patterns have been thrown off since the return to my own home. My bed is too big and He's not there cuddled up against me. I'm hooked after one night; I don't want to sleep without Him. We'll find a way to make it happen, and soon. ^_^


  1. hey, my memories don't do the time we share justice neither. it's just the way it is.

    that's why i often try and write as soon as i can... immediately after a meeting if i can... but even then, so many precious moments get left out becuase there just isn't enough space to write everything down.

    1. Oh I know all about not having enough space!! My last post was exceedingly lengthy and it still was barely a glimpse of our time together.

      I could have made an entire post between the time I arrived until we went to bed that night. All the little pieces that linger and make me smile.

      Not to mention I may be a little bit more geeky that I often let on. I think Sir is starting to learn this which is why He has me watch super hero movies...knowing full well I get into them.

      Seriously, a character died and I clung/mourned against Him. He held me so tight, comforting me. That should have been in the previous post but I didn't have room for it all.

      But still, I'd rather have those moments and not be able to share them all. Definitely beats struggling to write because nothing is going on. LOL

  2. Sometimes expressing how you feel about a situation is more important than giving a blow by blow account of what took place. There are times when leaving something to the imagination can actually be more interesting.Besides this is your blog- you share what you want to share and what you're comfortable with sharing.

    1. Very true. Thanks for the reassurance. :)

  3. I've been writing our sex out for many, many years. :) It's my way of preserving the moments, because they're too easily forgotten when the next awesome thing comes along.

    But my writing, too, is only a pale shadow of what actually happens.

    A pale shadow, years later, that you remember was even more magnificent than you could express, though - still beats blankness. :)