Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Unexpected and Some Sweetness

He had me grinning like crazy last night. I think I had Him smiling a lot too.

Work had stressed Him out and I sat listening. Being the support He needed in that moment.

We talked about the somewhat surprise I got earlier yesterday. One of my best friends, she has an almost 20 month old son. When they're that young, months seem more accurate than years. She is going to need surgery. Nothing terrible, but it's in her reproductive system. If all goes well, she'll be a lot healthier and her body won't be screwed up anymore.

She's changing her Will. She asked me yesterday, if anything happened, would I take care of her son...of course I would! I love her and her son. I could never deny either of them help if it was within my power. It changes everything though.

Heh, I told Him it made me feel more of an adult than buying a house did. He said, "I think you'd do a great job :)" and I know he means it. Just a bit overwhelming. Chances are my friend will be fine. She's fairly young and has a lot of will power in her. This surgery is to make her life easier, not a necessity. She's in good health otherwise. It's just a matter of making sure things are taken care of, which I completely understand.

Then I just virtually curled up with Him for the rest of the night and stayed that way. I would stay curled up with Him all the time, if I could. He's a tall, big guy: 6'4 and a strong build. I'm a foot shorter than Him, lol. To say that I would feel totally safe and protected is an understatement.

Strange as it may sound, all I would want is to be held by Him. Feel His arms wrapped around me. Maybe ruffle His hair. I'm kind of in lust with His hair. *pet pet* ha ha ha! This is why He finds me adorable and cute. :)

Jeez, I'm smiling and grinning again. He told me last night that He likes making me grin. I like it too! ^_^ He's super sweet, adorable, caring...He says He's just being Himself. That's my point. When He lets His guard down, He's just a bundle of sweetness. It's one of the things I adore about Him.

Now we need to find some time for just us so we can cuddle properly! Because this soft and warm woman is craving His embrace. :)

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